Exhibition Selected Text

Andreas Fogarasi


Nov 6 - December 14, 2019

Andreas Fogarasi’s art focuses on points of contact between visual culture— ne art, design, architecture—and social reality. What do society, politics, or history “look like”? The city with its manifold surfaces and densely aggregated phenomena is a central object of Fogarasi’s observations. In his two-dimensional works, sculptures, installations, and videos, he scrutinizes the built urban space and its transformations in their political, economic, cultural, and sociological dimensions. He begins his inquiries by homing in on the readily accessible exterior layer, the structural shell and the agents involved in shaping it, and then drills down toward the underlying substance: Where do the deep parameters of a society and time rise to the surface, to the façades of buildings and their visual as well as tactile details? To which extent is an architectonic visuality part and parcel of a larger symbolic order, of a representational system of political and economic states of affairs? These and similar questions outline the eld surveyed by Fogarasi’s artistic research and mark key points of departure for his projects.
*Maximilian Geymüller