Alexandre Arrechea

Alexandre Arrechea has developed “Hexagon Garden,” a site-specific virtual and physical commission for Maison Balmain Paris curated by Direlia Lazo shown at Superblue Miami for Miami Art Week.

Alexandre Arrechea: “The idea of these precious masks builds directly upon previous work that I created in Cuba. In Havana, I was constantly taking photos of the city’s different corners—aged façades that were exposed to bright light or set deep in the shadows. After I built up a vast collection of photos, I began to combine portions of the different photos to compose my masks. That process of creating entirely new images from a series of unconnected city details reflected a concept that has always fascinated me—that of generating completely new meanings via the assemblage of many different fragments. So, for this project, I’ve returned to that original inspiration, selecting an array of Villa Balmain architectural pieces and tying them to the many journeys of the garden’s bees—and those bees eventually assemble this entirely new bejeweled image from that series of fragmented perspectives of the Villa Balmain.”