Arantxa Etcheverria will be part of the fifth edition of Art Encounters Biennial, to be held in Timișoara, Romania curated by Adrian Notz.

May 19 – July 16, 2023

The Art Encounters Biennial 2023 aims to transform the city of Timișoara into a space of deliberation and testimony, where solidarity reigns supreme, and a better future becomes conceivable. The Biennial’s curator is Adrian Notz, former director of the prestigious Cabaret Voltaire.

Etcheverria approaches the theme of the myth of the Tower of Babel because it intertwines two subjects she is passionate about: language and architecture.

At the dawn of our world, a universal language united humanity. However, their ambition led them to build a tower in the city of Babel, aspiring to touch the heavens and demonstrate their power and equality with God. However, their aspirations did not coincide with God’s favor, as their pride became apparent. Consequently, God decided to punish them by scattering them across the earth, creating multiple languages that made it difficult for them to understand each other. Abandoning their pursuit, the tower collapsed.

In Etcheverria’s performance, he gives life to the bodies of the models, transforming them into letters, representing the same alphabet that once united everyone in a world devoid of linguistic barriers before God’s punishment.