ARANTXA ETCHEVERRIAimages curriculum

Born in 1975 in France

Living and working in Romania

Solo Exhibitions

  • Gates and Windows (Architectures), solo duo with Eva Berendes, Casado Santapau, Madrid
  • Babel, Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca
  • Blue Door, Creart Gallery, Bucharest
  • Vault, Center of Interest, Baril Gallery, Clij-Napoca
  • Red Door, Creart Gallery, Bucharest
  • Interiors/Interiorae, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest
  • Architectures, Paintbrush Factory, Baril Gallery, CLuj-Napoca
  • Comedia, Art On Display Project, Musette Kube, Bucharest
  • Given a Random Point, Atelier 35, Bucharest
  • Anatomy, Alert Studio, Bucharest
  • Corner, Calina Gallery, Timisoara
  • Traces, Paintbrush Factory, Baril Gallery, Cluj-Napoca
  • Studio/Structures, Anexa MNAC (National Contemporary Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest)

Group Exhibitions

  • Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara, Romania
  • Subjective Geometries, Sector1 Gallery, Bucharest
  • The Real Line, E-Werk Contemporary Art Centre, Berlin
  • The Art and the Cityt, MARe/Museum for Recevent Art, Buvharest
  • Video+Radio+Live, House of Art, Sector1 Gallery, Timisoara
  • Art-O-Raama, International Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Sector1 Gallery, Marseilles
  • After twelve years, Artictic production in Romania in 180 works, MNCAC (National Contemporary Museum of Art), Bucharest
  • Frame, duo show with Carlos Caballero, Sector1 Gallery, Bucharest
  • Di Senin/Out of the BLue, MARe/ Museum for recent Art, Bucharest
  • Whe the globe is home, Imago Mundi Art Theorema #2, Benetton Foundation, Delle Prigoni Gallery, Trevise
  • Mafa 7, SyZyGy, Media Art festival Arad, Arad Museunm of Art, Arad
  • Mother Tongue, Sector1 Gallery, Bucharest
  • Arta, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest
  • Mytologies, Abbey of Neumunster, Luxembourg
  • Arta, Maison de lÍnternational, Grenoble
  • De Rerum Natura, Media Art Festival Arad, Arad Museum of Natural Sciences, Arad
  • Art On Stage, Art Safari, Contemporary Art Fair, Louis Vuitton Foundation, Bucharest
  • Imago Mundi/ Art Theorema, Benetton Foundation, Trieste
  • Artdoor – Awake Festival, Teleki Palace, Gornesti
  • Artissima, International Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Baril Gallery, Torino
  • Art Encounters/ La vie mode d’emploi, Biennal for Contemporary Art, Timisoara
  • Media Art Festival Arad, Cinema Arad, Arad
  • Mobile Biennale: Tour of Moldova, Lasi
  • Miart, International Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Baril Gallery, Milan
  • Media Art Festival, Art Museum of Arad, Arad
  • ReRe. Overriding Design with Art and Vive-Versa, ICR Vienna, Vienna Design-Week, Vienna
  • Art Safari, Contemporary Art Fair, Baril Gallery, Bucharest
  • Nag Retrospectiv: Memory Leaks, Arcub, Bucharest
  • Three versions for something who will come, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest
  • A silent dialogue, Club Electro Putere, Craiova
  • Video Zoom Romania, Museo di Roma and Sala Uno, Roma
  • Art Encounters, Cazerna, Baril Gallery, Timisoara
  • Art-O-Rama, International Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Baril Gallery, Marseille
  • Object of Desire, Paintbrush Factory, Sabot Gallery, Cluj-Napoca
  • Artissima, International Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Guido Carbone Prize for New Entries, Baril Gallery, Torino
  • Vienna Art Fair, Baril Gallery, Vienna
  • The White Night of Galleries, MNAC Anexa (National Contemporary Museum of Art), Bucharest
  • BB6, Bucharest International Biennal for Contemporary Art, Peasant Museum, Bucharest
  • Volta Show, BAsel Art Fair for Contemporary Art, H’Art Gallery, Basel
  • AvanPremiere, Fashion and Life-Style Festival, The Ark, Bucharest


  • Doors, catalog, DCV Edition (Cantz Edition), Berlin
  • Paarticipation to the catalog Art Theorema #2 from Benetton Foundation, Trieste
  • Artistic direction of The Whistlers of Corneliu Porumboi, Official Compettition, Cannes Film Festival
  • Artistic direction of The Treasure of Coreneliu Porumboi, prize Un Certain Talent, section Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival