‘The Four Winds’
Architecture project for Cardinal Place in London

The project will be installed in late 2024, and launched in early 2025.

A team led by Maich Swift Architects, with curator and producer Aldo Rinaldi and artists Eva Berendes and Fabio Lattanzi Antinori , has won the competition to develop a major new public art and architecture project for Cardinal Place in London’s Victoria for Landsec Group.

The winning project, ‘The Four Winds’ consists of a three-part interlinked artwork, featuring ‘Wind Vane’ by Berlin-based German artist Eva Berendes, a shifting and diaphanous textile artwork which radiates out from the centre of the plaza toward its four entrances; ‘The Invisible Compass’, by London based Italian artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, a digital artwork and clock, suspended 5 meters above the centre of the plaza; and Wayfinding, a series of bespoke sand-cast iron elements designed by Maich Swift including information points, fingerposts, and floor markings.

The Four Winds has been developed as a collaborative project designed to embrace Cardinal Place’s architectural identity, scale, and weather conditions, rather than a series of stand-alone works in space, encouraging a dialogue between art and architecture. The work draws upon Victoria’s rich and layered architectural history, the distinctive striped façade of Westminster Cathedral and the area’s status as a major transport and orientation hub. The project, which is being developed as part of planning requirements by Westminster Council for public art at Cardinal Place, will be installed in late 2024, and launch in early 2025.