Gerold Miller is part of the new group exhibition at Malta’s Valletta Contemporary, entitled 24. 46. 50. 97. curated by Norbert Francis Attard.

May 26 – July 29, 2023

Throughout history, numbers are known to have cultural and even magical associations. Today, numbers are central to statistics and are often associated with colors in pie charts, line graphs, heat maps, and other forms of data visualization that simplify complex scientific results for communication purposes. The numerical title of this exhibition is inspired by a much more humble origin: an old telephone dial with numbers and letters that “spells out” the initials of the four artists participating in the show. Thus, Carlos Garaicoa becomes 24, Gerold Miller becomes 46, Jurgen Ostarhild becomes 50 and Yeoul Son becomes 97. The title substitutes one form of identification (names) for another (numerical codes), but this seemingly arbitrary system of categorization helps to bring to light visual, conceptual and other lines of convergence.