In early June, Miller opens a new solo exhibition at Galerie Lange + Pult, Zürich.

June 9 – July 22, 2023

Gerold Miller creates minimal, abstract visual experiences that explore the fundamental elements of painting and sculpture.

In his search for a new concept of pictoriality, Gerold Miller abandons the quality of relief characteristic of his artwork in favor of a flat, closed surface. In his reflective surfaces, the viewer experiences the world simultaneously as real and as a mirror image, which introduces a participatory element. The series “set 671-677”, belong to a series of new works, in which two-dimensionality merges with the internal moving structure of the previous works.

With the “Verstärker” series, Gerold Miller pursues the groundbreaking parameters of the Renaissance and anchors his work deeply in the history of art. In this context, free-standing sculpture was one of the greatest achievements of the period and the strongest expression of this attitude. Detached from external constraints, it ideally embodied the vision of freedom and self-determination of each individual, which is also fundamental to Gerold Miller’s artistic work. Whereas previously the artist displayed his sculptures only in relation to the wall, with “Verstärker”, he brings them into three-dimensionality as a body resting firmly on the ground. Reduced to height, width and depth, they visualize the basic conditions of sculpture: material, mass and dimension.