Théo Mercier
Group exhibition
June 5th – December 31st, 2024
MUCEM, Musée de la civilisation de l’europe et de la méditerranée


There are endless ways of imagining the Mediterranean, and not all of them can be presented in a single exhibition. “Méditerranées” looks at the way in which these imaginations have been formed and disseminated, and particularly at the role of museums, discovering how art history and ethnology have helped to create these “images” of the Mediterranean, all relative and all constructed.

The exhibition features almost 300 objects, half of which are from the Mucem collections. Several works of contemporary art punctuate the itinerary, evoking environmental, geopolitical, and migratory issues.

Within the framework of the exhibition, the artist Théo Mercier has been invited to create new installations.


General Curators:
Marie-Charlotte Calafat, Head Curator of Heritage, Head of the Collections and Documentary Resources Department at Mucem

Justine Bohbote, Raphaël Bories, Camille Faucourt, Enguerrand Lascols, Hélia Paukner, curators at Mucem