Gerold Miller

Galería Casado-Santapau is happy to announce the opening of the exhibition “Crates” by the Berlin artist Gerold Miller on 12.06.2021.

For long, Gerold Miller (*1961) has been preoccupied with questions of imagery located at the border area between minimal and concept. Central to his exploration is the relation between conceivableness and visibility, between geometric precision and visual ambiguity as well as the active engagement of the viewer. He orients himself towards Hard:Edged painting located at the American West Coast, the experiments related to the Italian Ground Zero Movement and the Neo Geo Movement of the 80s.
Positioning himself at great inner distance, Gerold Miller approaches the idea or the concept of what an image is. His works derive from the convergence of form and color which have been reduced to a maximum and simultaneously decline any further content. The notion of art as space and present is highly significant throughout the artist’s oeuvre. It aims at the interaction between viewer and artwork within a defined environment. This process centralizes the simultaneity of space and time in his artistic practice.
In “Crates”, Gerold Miller shows a retrospective containing his major works from the past five years selected from the series set, IV and TO. For this occasion, he developed a thrilling as much as simple display which was well-received throughout his past presentations. This concept emphasizes the particularly long-stretched architecture of the gallery in which the works will be arranged one after another in their unique crates. These crates will be opened as to present the works they contain. By placing these works, which were initially conceptualized as wall works, in space, they receive a sculptural quality and oscillate between appearing two-dimensional and three-dimensional. This type of display supports the exhibition’s temporary character and enhances it’s studio charm.